Everyone Guilty

The report came over the  Associated Press wire service – a true confession to the IRS. A taxpayer wrote, “I have not been able to sleep well for 2 years. Here is my check for $1,200 for back taxes.” He even signed his name, then added a short P.S. “If I don’t sleep better in a week, I will send you another $1,200.” He had to do something to relieve his guilt, but he didn’t want to do too much.

Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, author of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries, used to tell how he sent a telegram to each of 12 friends, all men of great virtue and reputation. The message read simply, “Fly at once; all is discovered.” Within 24 hours, the story goes, all 12 had left the country.

Sumber: Peter V. Deison, Time with God (RBC Ministries).


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