Luke 8:15. Learning on Patience from the Monarch Butterfly

Passage: Luke 8:15
By: Ev. NT. Prasetyo, M.Div.

This morning we are going to learn one Character Building’s topic, Patience, as opposed to restlessness. In particular we will learn from the Monarch Butterfly. You can read about Monarch Butterflies on In this site you can read the full cycle development of this elephant butterfly in four phases ranging from egg to adult butterfly.

In the article I received from Ev. Evi, there are five phases of our life development we could learn from the Monarch Butterfly, namely: growth phase; struggle phase, changes phase, clumsiness phase, and the phase of boredom. As monarch butterflies, we also experienced growth. We’ve become a child; we eat and drink; our bodies grow big. We were growing into adults. Students we face now are still young or in adolescent ages. They often think that they already be an adult, even though in fact they are still children. As teachers, we are required to learn to put up with them. We have to learn to have patience to them.

There is, too, a period of struggle. In Luke 8 we learned about the parable of the sower. The sower sowing the seeds in the some types of soils. Some seeds that fell on the road, some in the rocky ground, some in the bush of thorns; and some seeds was dropped on fertile soil. And verse 15 noted, “But the seed on good soil stands for those with a noble and good heart, who hear the word, retain it, and by persevering produce a crop.” So the seeds bear fruit in patience. Perseverance is necessary because there are challenges, there are struggles. We must learn to be patient.

Another phase that demands patience is a change. Change is one thing definite in our lives. And changes often make us feel uncomfortable, because it forces us to stand on new ground which is strange for us. It raises inconvenience feeling. Change is definitely there, implied also from Franciscus Assisi prayer, “Lord, help me change what I can change, and accept what I can not change.” Change is definitely there, and it requires patience for us to past it through.

Another phase is the clumsiness phase. We feel awkward when entering a new higher stage in our lives. Our kids feel awkward entering a new school or university. Clumsiness phase requires us to be patient.

There is also a phase of boredom. Butterfly should fly to distant distance 1.180 miles. In our lives, we often had to go through a time-consuming way of life and make us bored. But even in this boredom we have to learn patience. There is a theory that talks about the butterfly effect, how flapping wings of a butterfly in the wilds of Brazil may cause a storm in other U.S. coastal areas. That is, a small action, under appropriate conditions, can give rise to great effect. Likewise our lives. Perhaps the journey of life that we must pass boring, but we have to be patient because of the phase, the little things that we diligently do, can have a big impact elsewhere or at a later date. Remember the Word of God teaches us to be faithful in small matters, then we will be entrusted to the bigger things.

Let us learn to develop patience. [We must also remember the patience of Jesus to endured the cross He must bore because of our sins. His Redemptive work and His resurrection gives us strength to endure in all struggles with Him]. We learn of the Monarch Butterfly. Sorry my English is not fluent, but I have to speak in English in recognition of Mr. Hendrik Pical efforts who have also been trying to deliver the opening prayer in English.

(Spoken in The Holy Word Christian High School of Jayapura, teachers morning prayer service, on Thursday/March 7, 2013).


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